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Peeling grilles, crumbling sashes and clouded glass can give an otherwise gorgeous home a run-down appearance. Amarillo Solar Shade Co. can restore your home's beauty with our window installation services in Amarillo, Texas. We carry a variety of styles and sizes, including double-hung vinyl and aluminum windows from NT Window.

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5 reasons to install new windows

Damaged windows are an eyesore, but they also cause a variety of other problems you can easily avoid. Schedule a window installation to:


Prevent water damage and pest infestations


Make your home more energy-efficient


Prevent unpleasant drafts


Increase the amount of natural light in your home


Reduce your overall energy costs

At Amarillo Solar Shade Co. we are committed to offering the best products in the industry that offer the most value and curb appeal to your home with unbeatable warranties. This is why we chose V-Class by Sunrise Windows. There simply is not a better window for the money out there.

Amarillo Solar Shade Co. is proud to be the exclusive V Class Windows distributor of West Texas. V-Class windows are manufactured in the U.S.A. by Sunrise Windows. Sunrise is a pioneer in the manufacturing of premium performing, energy efficient, custom made replacement vinyl windows and sliding doors.

V-Class windows have the lowest published air filtration rates in the industry with a double hung at 2% and a casement at 1%. The industry requirement is less than 30%. This is a huge deal with our West Texas winds. This determines how many times your heating and cooling equipment will have to completely exchange air to keep up with your preferred comfort level.

V-Class windows frame design was designed with aesthetics in mind. The narrow line design gives on average 27% more visible glass than other competitive brands. The windows are built standard with a polyurethane foam window frame which offers an R-Value of

Most window manufacturers use the same type of insulated glass in all of their products regardless of the climate where they are to be installed. V-Class has 5 different glass packages with either an argon or krypton gas fill with U-Factors as low as .16 and SHGC (Solar heat gain coefficient) as low as .15 to accommodate all comfort and efficiency needs. Noise reduction and self cleaning Solar Clean™ glass is also available.

V-Class windows have a full lifetime transferable warranty. Glass breakage is standard and is covered for the life of the window. The window screens come standard with Optiview™ fabric which gives more visibility than standard fiberglass options. The screens are also covered for life-if your screen tears or is damaged, we will replace it at no charge.

V-Class windows have multiple options to customize your project. We offer decorative etched and colored glass with several grid choices. Custom lock and handle finishes are available. Madera™ custom hardwood trim options match perfectly with the window.

Contact us today for a hassle free estimate and let us show you the V-Class difference. Below is a scorecard that compares the leading manufacturers vs. V-Class.