Weatherwell Elite combines cutting-edge engineering with a beautiful design to produce a shutter like you've never seen. Enclose a patio or balcony, or use as attractive security screens, these highly versatile shutters are stronger and more durable than any other shutter on the market, yet have been designed with elegance and minimalism in mind. With the 'Blade Stay' the blades can be set in any position. The internal mechanism hides all visible screws and fixings, which not only makes the shutter more attractive but more resilient to the elements. Extreme wind ratings and security features make this shutter the ultimate in functionality.


Expand living for all seasons by enclosing the outdoor space

Create privacy from neighbors

Preserve facade design integrity with a uniform exterior

Create elegant security with lockable panels and secure blades

Strength and durability that can weather the elements

Flexibility in installation: hinged, fixed, sliding and multi-fold

Sample color options - several custom options available:

Security options: