How A Pergola Can Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Jun 07, 2024

Beautiful Aluminum Pergola In Amarillo By Amarillo Solar Shade

Pergolas 101: Enhancing Your Amarillo
Home’s Outdoor Living Space
With Style And Functionality

Enjoy Nature, Rain Or Shine, With
Premium Patio Products

Have you ever set up your patio dining area for a nice family dinner only to have the sky open up with a sudden, unexpected downpour? Installing the right patio products at your Amarillo home can make a world of difference.

Pergolas are a premium option that extends style and functionality to any outdoor living space. When you choose an operable model, those horrible rain storms won’t get in the way of enjoying your time outside.

At Amarillo Solar Shade, we offer many excellent options for stunning pergolas to enhance your space. If you’re on the fence about installing one, we have a detailed look at all the ways a pergola can improve your home.

Extend Your Living Space With A Pergola

When you have a beautiful indoor/outdoor living space, a pergola can make the transition even more seamless. After all, it can be a bit of a shock moving from a temperature-controlled interior to a patio area with full, blazing sunlight.

The shade created by the pergola can make sitting outside pleasant, no matter the time of day. Instead of constructing a full roof over your patio or deck, you can install a beautiful aluminum pergola.

Additionally, if you don’t have a patio or deck, your yard may not be the most exciting place. The right patio products can add the perfect level of character to any backyard space, creating the ideal spot to lounge around or entertain.

Increase The Value Of Your Amarillo Home

Having a great outdoor living space is a wonderful way to increase the value of your Potter County and Randall County home. Pergolas come in many sizes, allowing you to find the perfect solution for the space you have available.

This addition to your yard can add luxury and class that drives up the selling price for your home when you’re ready to move. It can be a key factor that makes your home stand out among all the others.

Beautify Your Garden With A Stunning Pergola

If you have a garden, you’ve likely put a lot of time and effort into it, creating pathways and planting all the most beautiful flowers. However, you may have thought that something was missing.

A pergola can create a nice shaded area along one of the pathways. It can also be a place to add seating among the blooming flowers. Instead of keeping all your tools in a shed far from the garden, you can also create a work area under the pergola, complete with a bench and tool chest.

Even if you don’t have a garden, your pergola can be used to create a floral effect in your outdoor space. If you place flowering vines at its base, you can train them to grow up and over the structure, creating a canopy of flowers.

Embrace Versatility With A Pergola

While pergolas offer a great option for creating shade in your outdoor living space, you can do even more. Many are compatible with drop screens, which will help block the sun that comes from varied angles.

Additionally, you can choose an operable model. If you need more shade, you can close the pergola to completely block the sun. This is also a great feature to have for those days when Mother Nature doesn’t want to work with your outdoor plans.

Enjoy Limited Maintenance Requirements With A Pergola

At Amarillo Solar Shade, we understand the value of any investment in your Amarillo home. That’s why we’ve partnered with TEMO to provide our customers with exceptional quality patio products.

While we do offer customized wood pergolas, our primary focus is on commercial-grade extruded aluminum. These models are an amazing choice if you’re looking for little to no maintenance and upkeep requirements.

Our aluminum pergolas will look great for decades, never peeling, fading, cracking, or chipping. You’ll get the same premium quality whether you choose a stationary or operable model.

So, when you’re ready to invest in your outdoor space with premium patio products, we’re ready to help. Call Amarillo Solar Shade to schedule your free estimate.

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