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Reduce The Noise With Replacement Windows

Mar 04, 2024

Replacement Windows By Amarillo Solar Shade In Amarillo

Reduce The Outside Noise From Your Amarillo
Neighborhood With Replacement Windows

Discover How A Window Replacement Service
Can Create Peace In Your Home

There are few things more distracting than screaming children outside your home or the noise of a busy street. Replacement windows in Amarillo can help you limit those distractions with superior noise reduction.

Your home should be a quiet and peaceful oasis where you can relax. Replacement windows can help you create the serene space you’ve been searching for. There are a few ways to reduce the outside noise when you get home replacement windows, and we would love to share them with you.

Choose Replacement Windows With
Double Or Triple-Pane Glass

The glass used in your replacement windows is one of the most important parts of noise reduction. Not all glass is designed to reduce the noise from outside your home, and it’s important to choose wisely if noise is a big concern in your Amarillo neighborhood.

Single-pane glass windows aren’t going to offer much noise reduction. The reason is simple: A single pane just isn’t enough material to prevent noise transfer. Even if you use the strongest glass on the market, you won’t get the noise reduction you’re after with just one pane.

Instead, opt for windows made from double or triple-pane glass. The additional material will efficiently reduce noise and help you create the distraction-free environment you’ve been craving in your Potter County and Randall County home.

The Type Of Glass You Choose For A Replacement
Window Service Makes A Difference

To get the most effective noise reduction possible, choose a window made from strong and reliable glass. Choosing the best replacement window glass on the market will ensure your windows are durable and noise-reducing.

There are also a few terms that you should know when you are choosing the glass for your replacement windows. STC or Sound Transmission Class glass is the standard option that is often offered to homeowners.

While it is a fine option, it might not be the best choice if noise reduction is your goal. You can upgrade your glass to OITC or Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class glass instead.

This type of glass will significantly reduce the noise that can travel through your windows and into your home.

You can go even further and outfit your replacement windows with strong laminated glass. It is a thick material that is durable and even impact-resistant. Laminated glass is an extremely effective option for homeowners who want to reduce the noise of the outside world.

Choosing A Strong Window Frame
For Your Replacement Windows

Glass isn’t the only thing you need to consider when choosing replacement windows. You also need to consider the material used for the window frame.

Luckily, Amarillo Solar Shade offers windows designed with fantastic fiberglass or vinyl frames. Both Fiberglass and vinyl are wonderful materials for noise reduction and are incredibly durable.

So, you can rely on your replacement windows to help reduce noise for decades.

The Way Your Replacement Windows Are Installed
In Your Home Can Make A Noticeable Difference

You can choose the best type of window and the highest quality glass, and you still may have to worry about the outside noise disrupting the peace in your Amarillo home.

How can that be? Well, an improper installation can quickly weaken the noise-reducing properties of your replacement windows. When your products are not properly installed in your home, they may not be properly sealed.

A window that isn’t properly sealed can cause drafts and even increase the amount of noise you hear from the outside world.

That’s why it is so important to turn to a replacement window company you can trust to provide the best window installation service possible.

Amarillo Solar Shade installs all of our windows with expert precision. We custom-fit your replacement windows to your home and ensure they are flawlessly sealed every single time.

Are you ready to install the best replacement windows in your Amarillo home? Reach out to Amarillo Solar Shade for your free quote today.

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