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Apr 04, 2024

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Your Guide To Keeping Your Sunroom
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Protect Your Investment With These
Tips For Sunroom Enclosure Care

Whether you’re planning an exterior remodel to add a sunroom to your Amarillo home, or you’ve just completed the addition, knowing how to care for your new space is essential. After all, it’s a major investment in your home that you’ll want to keep looking spectacular.

At Amarillo Solar Shade, we’ve developed this guide to help Potter County and Randall County homeowners maintain their sunrooms. By following these tips, you’ll ensure your sunroom enclosure remains beautiful and functional for many years.

Keep Your Sunroom Windows Clean

Since a good portion of your sunroom will be nothing but glass, it’s essential to keep it clean. Streaks, spots, and dirt can really detract from the overall beauty of your space and affect the amount of natural light that streams in.

Interior Windows

It’s important to note that the interior windows will require different cleaning methods than the exterior. For the interior, you can use your typical window glass cleaner and a soft cloth or squeegee.

To avoid condensation, which can cause streaking, open a few windows or skylights while you are cleaning. Clean and dry each window in sections. This will ensure condensation does not have time to build up.

Exterior Windows

Outside windows can be a bit more of a challenge, especially considering you cannot lean a ladder against your sunroom. The contact and added weight can cause significant damage to the exterior of your enclosure.

Instead, use an A-frame ladder to reach the higher sections. If you’re having trouble reaching the topmost glass, you can rent scaffolding to safely reach those areas without injury or damage to your property.

The first step to cleaning these windows is using a garden hose to remove as much debris as possible. Follow up with a glass cleaner. If you still have dirty remaining, do not use a razor blade to remove it – this can damage the glass permanently.

Try using a detergent, mild soap, or mineral spirits with a spray bottle, sponge, or soft cloth. Let the cleaning solution rest for several meanings, ensuring it does not have the time to dry. Rinse the area by section and dry with a soft cloth.

Maintaining Your Sunroom Enclosure Frame

Keeping your sunroom’s frame in top condition is similar to maintaining your windows in that there are separate rules for the interior and exterior. The interior can be managed with a gentle cleaning solution made of dishwashing liquid. Apply it with a soft sponge, rinse, and dry.

For the exterior, use a soft-bristled extension brush to remove as much visible dirt as possible. Use your garden hose to spray down the frame, but don’t place it on the highest setting to avoid damage.

Light debris can be removed with a mild dishwashing solution and a soft cloth. Any high spots should be addressed with an extension brush and your garden hose. No matter how stubborn a stay may be, always use non-abrasive cleaners.

Keep The Gutters Clean On Your Sunroom Addition

When your sunroom contractor builds your beautiful new sunroom, they’ll ensure the foundation is ideal to support it for many years of use. This step is crucial to having a durable home addition that will not have structural complications.

If you have rain gutters installed on your sunroom, keeping them clean is critical to protecting your investment. Clogged gutters can cause significant damage that affects the foundation, roofing, and siding of your home.

Routine cleaning of your gutters will ensure the rainwater will flow freely and safely away from your home and your beautiful sunroom addition.

Don’t Clean Your Sunroom On A Sunny Day

While it may be challenging to find a cloudy day in Amarillo, it’s best not to clean your sunroom when it’s very sunny. When the sun is high in the sky, it can cause your cleaning solutions to dry very quickly, resulting in ugly streaking.

Maintain The Landscape Around Your Amarillo Home

You may wonder what the landscape has to do with your sunroom, but trees and bushes can have severely negative impacts on how your sunroom looks. As these plants grow closer to the structure, they can scratch or dent the frame.

In addition, they can scratch or even break the window glass. In either situation, you’ll be left with an unsightly mess that needs to be repaired.

Another thing to consider is the potential for clogging your gutters. Leaves and other debris from surrounding trees can easily make a mess of your gutters, leading to extensive damage.

Wildlife frequently looks for cozy homes, which, unfortunately, are often close to ours. A low-hanging tree limb could lead to birds nesting right over your roof, leaving droppings and food everywhere.

Things To Avoid When Maintaining Your Sunroom

In most cases, a sunroom addition will not be built like the rest of your home. Because of this, it’s important to take great care when cleaning and maintaining it. Follow these tips:

  • Do not place weight on the sunroom when cleaning.
  • Follow all manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or tools.
  • Do not walk on the roof.
  • Stay alert for leaks.

When you’re ready to install a premium-quality sunroom on your Amarillo home, turn to the experts at Amarillo Solar Shade. We’ve delivered excellence to our customers since 2014 and have done our due diligence to find only the best products to serve you well.

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